Eradicating Islamophobia Women in Islam


The IWIC 2013 Conversation Topics

  •  The Status of Women in The Eyes of God (Womens Humanity as Defined in Quran-Surah Tawba v.71
  •  Defining Womens Roles in the 21st Century
  •  Womens Lib: An Islamic Model
  •  The Fiq of Beauty: The Islamic Rulings concerning beautification and Modesty
  •  Culture vs. Islam
  •  Religious scholarship and Spiritual leadership
  •  Muslim Families in Secular Secular Courts: Establishing our own Systems

IWIC 2013 Theme

The IWIC’s 2013 conference on Women in Islam will demonstrate how women have achieved and continue to achieve the highest level of human development, through following the model of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). This conference will also provide knowledge from Qur’an and Sunnah to assist people in attaining their own highest potential in the eyes of Allah, We invite you to join us in the work of eradicating misperceptions about equity in spiritual attainment and the living legacy of the Prophet Muhammad(SAW).