About Us


Promote the essence of the Message of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) by providing a platform for legitimate leadership to apply authentic, Islamic interpretations in addressing the challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century. IWIC will work to inform and educate people about the real, living Islam and create a mutual understanding between ourselves and our neighbors all over the world, thereby promoting peace and eradicating the atmosphere of Islamophobia plaguing the Western world. IWIC will work to inspire and motivate Muslims to take up the collective responsibility to use our centers of worship for providing services to alleviate ignorance, hunger, poverty, homelessness, and their consequences on marriages and families, and provide for the comprehensive welfare of our neighbors and humanity at large. IWIC will work towards building bridges of cooperation with secular, faith-based, and grassroots organizations focused on the same goals.
Shed light on the clearest understanding of Islam and present it to the world, shared by both Muslim and Non-Muslim alike.
Who is IWIC:
The Islamic World International Conference (IWIC) ), a 501 c3 Non-profit organization was created to accomplish a two‐fold purpose. The convention will revive the Islamic spirit for Muslims all over, but will also educate and inform non‐Muslims on the true purpose and beliefs of Islam., While this convention is an event to encourage and inspire Muslims to strengthen their faith and their understanding of Islam, it is an event that will significantly serve as an educational mechanism for those who have limited knowledge and grasp of what Islam is all about. In these times of turmoil and struggle for all people, there is a need for all people to learn to respect one another and the ways of their fellow brothers and sisters. In order for us to rise up from the valleys of hate, confusion, disrespect, and greed and reach this harmony, we must be willing to be educated. The IWIC will be a major showing for those of the Muslim faith. People from all walks of life and cultures will be able to come together and immerse themselves in the positivity and peace that Islam speaks to.

Islamic World International hopes to inspire and up lift the spirit of the community, restore the strength of family, and showcase prolific rising, and current well‐known speakers and leaders in the Islamic faith .Dedicated to increasing dialogue to address challenges faced by humanity in the 21st century, the Islamic World International Conference (IWIC) will bring together world thought leaders and influencers every two years to Atlanta Georgia for three stimulating days of education and fellowship. Our goal is to plan and execute a quality conference to promoting mutual understanding and collaboration amongst civil society, faith paths, the public sector and media.