IWIC Programs and Initiatives

Love thy Neighbor Initiative

Al-Wasatiyya Educational Initiative

*​The ‘Love thy Neighbor Initiative’​seeks to unite people of different religious backgrounds, race and sex for the purpose of fellowship and social activism in local communities. The fellowship component is the attempt to diminish the concept of fear of the unknown. It is our contention that the lack of knowledge of the core principles of other religions and cultures is at the heart of much of the fear and negativity we are experiencing. The realization that at the core of every faith tradition is the concept of
loving the creation for the sake of the the creator, is what the fellowship will seek to nurture. This spirit of love and cooperation will then be harnessed to address the injustices and social ills that affect us all. This initiative seeks to harness the power of our different backgrounds and experiences to affect positive change in our local communities.

*The Al-Wasatiyya Educational Initiative is a Deen Intensive program that aims toteach people the core Islamic sciences (Fiq, Arabic reading/writing, language/grammar and conduct/Adaab). These sciences will be taught from the Ihsani perspective. That is to say, they will be taught from the basic premise that the excellence and beauty of the human soul are the most desirable traits that a human-being can attain, and our knowledge should be based on this premise alone. This initiative seeks to counter the ideology of hate and extremism that has become prevalent in many quarters of the Muslim world.

The 6 month program will be hosted by one of West Africas most prestigious centers of learning (The Grand Mosque of Madina Kaolack). The cultural diversity and strict adherence to the doctrine of Ihsan in this area has inoculated it from all forms of ideological extremism that is prevalent in other parts of the muslim world. The 6 month program aims to afford people a good ‘starting point’ with regards to their understanding of the religion. Its Ihsani perspective is the driving force that will see to it, that radicalization and extremism will not find a home in the graduate of this program. The instructors of each course are among the most qualified in the muslim world. These teachers represent the true values of the religion of unity and peace. The programs motto is ….’Ignorance is the Father of Extremism, and the knowledgeable person has been freed from such foul lineage’