In recent years there has been considerable attention to the social and political aspects of Islam around the world. Among the general public there is also heightened awareness about Islam and Muslim religious leaders in public life, not least with preoccupations with issues such as radicalism. However, most commentators usually ignore the rich intellectual and social production by African Muslims, which spans many centuries. In fact, many scholars of the west have little access to what is published in Arabic from African scholars and even less access to the history of Islam in Africa.

The theme of this year’s conference focuses on morality, ethics and proper comportment as represented by the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) . He is indeed ‘ The Spirit of Good Morals’ and his message was one of refinement of humanity’s moral and ethical standards. Our keynote address will be presented by the world-renowned Islamic Scholar, Chief Imam of Medina-Kaolack, Senegal Grand Mosque, the Honorable Cheikh Tidiane Aliou Cisse. Cheikh Tidiane is the spiritual leader of over 100 million Muslims worldwide. He inherited the mantle of leadership from his grandfather, Shaykh al-Islam al-Hajj Ibrahim Niass, who historically, was one of Islam’s most influential spiritual leaders.

Among our objectives is to elucidate the Quranic and Prophetic presentation of morality and the role of Islam in the establishment of human ethics on Earth. The accuracy of this historical premise will lay the foundation for the divine status of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and his pivotal role in Society, then and now.

Islamic World International Conference (IWIC), will provide opportunities to invited guests from government, prestigious institutions and organizations in America and Europe to access previously unavailable information on Islamic culture and religious tolerance from the less well-known region of Sub-Saharan Africa. Our plenary sessions, workshops and social and professional networking opportunities are developed to elevate the relationships that ultimately deepen the impact of knowledge on global and national policy and practices.

We hope that exposure to and dialogue with contemporaries, will result in more informed policies and practices as well as a deepened understanding of the beauty and humane aspects of Islam with Communities around the globe marking the relationship of Islam and the West. Highlighting the Prophetic mission to become beacons of good morals, moderation, cooperative with people of other faiths, engaged in social justice issues and exemplars of proper etiquette in all circumstances is the goal of this conference and intensive.